Charleston, SC Fish Species

Common Question:

Does Charleston have good fishing?

Yes, Charleston has excellent fishing, renowned for its diverse and abundant marine life. The combination of inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing opportunities makes it a prime destination for anglers. Inshore fishing in the estuaries and marshes yields Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, and Flounder, while nearshore reefs and wrecks attract King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Cobia. Offshore waters are rich with Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Grouper, and Snapper. Charleston’s scenic beauty and rich fishing grounds ensure a rewarding experience for both novice and seasoned anglers.

Is there tilapia in South Carolina?

Tilapia is not native to South Carolina, and it is not commonly found in the state's natural waters. However, tilapia is present in some aquaculture operations and private ponds within the state. These fish are primarily raised for commercial purposes rather than being targeted by recreational anglers. If you are interested in fishing for tilapia, it is best to look for specific farms or private fishing areas that offer them.

What is the most popular fish in Charleston?

The most popular fish in Charleston is the Redfish, also known as Red Drum. This species is highly sought after by anglers due to its abundance, fighting ability, and delicious flavor. Redfish thrive in Charleston’s estuarine environments and can be caught year-round, with peak seasons in spring and fall. Whether fishing from a boat, a pier, or the shore, targeting Redfish is a favorite activity for both local and visiting anglers, making it the iconic fish of Charleston.

A Blue Light Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Charleston, SC Fish species including Black Drum (Also Called Drum, Drummer), Blacktip Shark (Also Called Shark, Blacktip Shark ), Bonnethead Shark (Also Called Bonnet Shark, Bonnetnose Shark, Shovelhead Shark), Largemouth Bass (Also Called Green Trout, Black Bass), Redfish (Also Called Red Drum, Channel Bass, Spottail Bass), Sea Trout (Also Called Speckled Trout, Spotted Sea Trout), Sheepshead (Also Called Convict Fish, Sheephead ), Southern Flounder (Also Called Flounder, Plie ), Tripletail (Also Called Tripletail, Black Grunt, Black Perch, Bouyfish, Flasher, Chobie, Biajaca De La Mar, Flasher, Steamboat). We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean, Cooper River, Copahee Sound, Stono River, Kiawah River,Bryans Creek.

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